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Warning: The information you are going to read as it is crucial on your success both personal and professional life. It will show you to what’ stopping you from achieving your goals, making more money, and getting what you truly want. And ultimately this information will lead you to build your dreams and goals that you think impossible.

Take a few moments and consider

your own goals

Where are you now? – (What is going on in these areas of your life, personally, professional, relationship, financially? How are you satisfied with your life right now?Please rate from 1 – 10  (1 is the lower and 10 is the highest)
  1. Spiritual
  2. Health
  3. Personal Development
  4. Relationship / Family
  5. Professional / Business
  6. Financially / Income
  7. Contribution / Charity

After you have rated each of your goals now decide exactly what you want in every key area of your life. Start off by Idealizing. Imagine that there are no limitations on what you can be, have or do. Imagine that you have all the time and money, all the friends and contacts, all the education and experience that you need to accomplish any goal you set for youourself.

What Goals Do You Want To Achieve?

Why people don't succeed...




Your goals must be in writing. They must be clear, specific, detailed and measurable. You must write out your goals as if you were placing an order for your goal to be manufactured in a factory at a great distance. Make your description clear and detailed in every sense.

If your life was perfect in each area, what would it look like?

Identify Your Biggest Stoppers, Get Unstuck, and Hugely Accelerate Your

Success Efforts to Achieve Your Biggest Goals

Identifying your obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals is so important for you. Here's a quick rundown of most of the things that keep you from achieving the success you seek.


Lacking a Higher Purpose

Most people don’t know what it is they really want to achieve. They often know what they don’t want, but then that’s where their focus and energy goes—to what they don’t want. Being unclear on what you want is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to success.

Not Enough WHYs

This one is often overlooked. Reasons come first, answers come second. If you have strong enough reasons, you can accomplish anything you desire. 

Lack of Focus

You can be clear on your goal, but if you don’t stay focused, if you take on too much (have too many or conflicting goals), if you fill your life with busy things or operate inconsistently, you will likely fail



Even when you have SMART goals that are relevant to your purpose, if you don’t get started, you’ll never achieve your goal. One of the most dangerous phrases is “I’ll do it later.”

Surrounding Yourself with People Who Don’t Reach Their Goals

You are who you associate with. This may be hard to swallow for some people and there are always exceptions to the rule but for the most part, we act in accordance with the people around us. This comes from the strong ad natural desire to belong and to be accepted (think of all the dumb things you did in high school just to fit in).

Not Taking Responsibility

Things will go wrong. That’s a fact of life. When something comes up and you don’t achieve your goal, who do you blame? Taking personal responsibility is the #1 KEY Achieving YOUR GOALS, Period!

Lack of Belief in Yourself and/or in Your Goal

This is often related to worthiness, but there’s more to it. You need to believe in yourself and in the creative process. Winners expect to win. A shortage of belief causes many people to give up or never begin in the first place. In many cases, it causes one to take shortcuts that sabotage their success.

Insufficient Skills

Most likely there are certain skill sets you lack which will hinder your progress. Discover what these are and start today in gaining the necessary skills. Perhaps you need to learn how to effectively use a computer and the Internet. Maybe you need to up-level your communication or time-management proficiency. Even a good attitude is a skill. Enhancing your skills is a lifelong investment that will pay you big dividends.

Listening to People Who Discourage You

When you go for your goals, especially the big ones that really count and fit in with your purpose in life, it is inevitable that people will discourage you. There are many reasons for this: concern, jealousy, ignorance, etc. How many goals have already been given up on because other people decided they were not worth pursuing?

Being Selfish

There are people out there that think it is silly to help others. They believe in taking and not giving. They are misers with their time, money and knowledge and are only interested in opportunities where they stand to benefit. Most big goals require the help of others and it is very difficult to help people who only care about taking. 

Watching Too Much TV

Not all TV is bad but if you are watching TV then most likely you are not doing anything to move one step closer to your goal. The problem with TV these days is that it is captivating. There are programs for all interests and hobbies and the shows keep getting better and better. Those who watch alot of TV usually don’t reach their goals and perhaps people watch TV because they don’t have any goals.

Determine What You Really Want, Prioritize Your Goals, Stay Focused and Remain Consistently

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Here's just some what you'll get from THE YOU 2.0 PROGRAM:


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name a few. He is famously known for starting his company with a few hundred dollars and turning it into a national brand within one year. His corporate clients includes Koh Sathipheap,Virtus Group, Lotus Advertising, Cam Freight Services, Biz Dimension,Tan Brother Co., Ltd, Daily Transport, PestBusters Cambodia, Marist Solidarity Cambodia, CRDT, CSUK and more. Piseth successfully helped to set up and launched a BNI Chapter “BNI Cambodia-Millionaire Chapter“. Piseth has appeared on famous media outlets such as CNC, SEA TV, TVK, Hang Meas TV, Bayon TV, Radio Australia, National Radio, Phnom Penh Post and others. Piseth is the former Advisor with German Development Service (DED), former Program Manager of CDPO, and former Grant Management Advisor to Abilis Foundation. Piseth holds his MBA from Maharishi Vedic University.





Piseth Kham will introduce you to some of his valuable contacts and business coaches from around the globe. Some of them will even be on the live conference calls with you and for you!Just how much could you accomplish if you had the right information, beliefs, the proper skills and enough clarity, focus and support?

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Piseth Kham will take you under his wing, share the best he’s got and keep you accountable. You’ll learn, grow and accomplish your goals together.

Q: Why do I need to stay with the program from 8:00 AM to 11:30 PM?

A:Successful people finish what they start. If you can’t stay with the program to the end means that you are either already very successful or you have an unsuccessful mentality. The sad thing is if you have an unsuccessful mentality it will develop into a habit. If that who you are right now then the YOU 2.0 is your best choice.

Q: Why do I need to take part in 5 AM Club and The YOU 2.0 community for the next 12 months?

A: Unsuccessful people are inconsistent. They are not focus. They learn many things but don’t do. Successful people are consistent. They learn and do. They follow proven systems for their success. They build mastermind group with like-minded people and with those who are more successful than they are. They have accountability partners to help them to stay on course and take determined actions toward their success. Like Rich Dad Asia Bellum Tan

Q: If I want to be successful, doesn’t it make sense to work on my business on investing my money?

A: If you want to be successful, the most important and first place to start in on YOU. It doesn’t matter what vehicle you are in or what you are doing if you aren’t prepared and trained then 9 out of 10 times it won’t work.

Q: I am not sure this is the right time. Will this program be conducting again in the near future?

A: We hear this question most of the time and usually it is from people who are not committed to their success. If you think that now is not the right time then when the future comes and become today/now you will ask the same question again. Here is the thing “The longer you wait, the more opportunities you will miss, the more years you’ll waste, and longer you’ll stay stuck and frustrated.

Q: I am not sure this is right for me. Can you tell me?

A: The best way for you to decide whether they YOU 2.0 is right for you is to experience it yourself. That’s why you’re invited to participate this time as our private client.

Q: I can’t afford to pay the fee. Do you have any scholarships?

A: It is not a fee. It is your own expense. Listen; if you can’t afford to pay for your lunch and snacks, at a 5 Star Hotel, and training materials during the YOU 2.0, it’s a huge wakeup call that you’re trapped with a broken blueprint. Remember, the results you achieve in life are a direct reflection you – who you are? You 2.0 or You 0.0?